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P-Ayr Products offers a replica V-10 engine to help with your build.  The V-10 motorcycle engine was 

Gottleib Daimler built a V-twin engine in 1889. It was used as a stationary power plant and to power boats. It was also used in Daimler's second automobile, the 1889 Stahlradwagen ("steel-wheeled car"). The engine was also manufactured under licence in France by Panhard et Levassor

In November 1902 the Princeps AutoCar Co (UK) advertised a V-twin engined motorcycle, and in 1903 V-Twins were produced by other companies, including the 90 degree XL-ALL (made by Eclipse Motor & Cycle Co in the UK). Also, in 1903, Glenn Curtiss in the United States, and NSU in Germany began building V-twin engines for use in their respective motorcycles., Peugeot, which had used Panhard-built Daimler V-twins in its first cars, made its own V-twin engines in the early 20th century. A Norton motorcycle powered by a Peugeot V-twin engine won the first Isle of Mann Tourist Trophy twin-cylinder race in 1907.